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  1. ok heres my idea for our gta 5m server. I would like to recreate the fun we had at PLA. with a real life RP server. Though this time if someone commits a crime they wont go away for mere minutes, no they will go away for days at a time. I spent an hour this morning and found some scripts. idk much about them but it wasnt that hard to find. heres the links. and heres some mods i've found Fire engines Police Mods this one is both LAPD and CHP this one has a Lambo but its all LAPD Lenco Bearcat Heres some prison stuffs interior edit DOC transport van LASD Cal/Fire
  2. Final rendition As per agreed Valkyrie Ship yards will supply 21.16k iron the final price is $330000 thats three hundred thirty thousand dollars owed to Valkyrie Shipyards. The ship will be released to you upon payment in full.
  3. Finished prototype!! As requested the ship has the following features: Crew quarters bridge and navigations (standard equipment) one missile launcher two small shield generators Rear facing turret Below are the itemized work orders for the ships construction. design ship 10000 design interior to meet spec's of design 30000 design exterior to meet spec's of exterior design 50000 Build interior as per design spec's 45000 Build Exterior as per design spec's 50000 total 185000 Shipyard labor rate 30% Total price: 330000 Ships price is $330000 paid to Valkyrie Shipyards ingame 39.88k iron 8.02k Copper 975 Silicon 2.9k Steel The ship will not be released until payment is met in full!
  4. so far i have the interior completed. as far as the captains quarters and armory, well its a fighter, it wont have that lol. you could always stay aboard the Legacy. the Hull is taking some time. The wings are being particularly stubborn with their angles.
  5. I need to know what features you need on this ship. guns, thrusters, lights, paint colors inside and out, to scale or not. this ship can take up to a week to build depending on my time available and the amount of requested objects within the ship. When i am completed i will email you with a price.
  6. Another Valkyrie build, this fighter is tight, maneuverable, and packs a punch! features a fridge, and oxygen generator for small scouting missions or a regular camping trip on the moon! Contact Mal Reynold at Valkyrie Shipyards for pricing and availablity!
  7. Freighter for sale $50000 cred's this beauty has a large cargo hold, and upper landing pad, marble interiors on the upper deck, and a central living space. Warp capable for long range missions. Hand crafted by Valkyrie Shipyards by Mal Reynolds! Contact Mal Reynolds for sale details!
  8. We are currently working on our empyrion server, we have added new planets and asteroid fields, and are working on further developing the planets for better performance, and overall fun. We changed the starter planets to just one, Tatooine! I am currently working on creating the capital city for this planet in which you, the player can go to. Here you will be able to access a trade market, grab missions, buy speeders, ships, or houses. Eventually we will have a market on this website for such objects, but for now its all player trade in game. If you wish to depart the planet, you can purchase a ticket from a pilot of a capital ship, or build your own. We plan on having ships leave on a regular basis, however this is also player run, and will not have an active schedule. As always, if anybody has any suggestions, comments, questions, or concerns feel free to post them in the suggestions forum.
  9. Hello Allegiance Gamers! I am Mal Reynolds, one of the four co-founders for allegiance gaming! I have been with this community since the beginning. Lucky, Aqua and i had met long ago in another game, and when we all left that comunity we decided to start our own community. Here i am the community manager in charge of the staff members, training, and announcements.

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