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EmergeNYC Update 0.3.7

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Update 0.3.5


First thing we would like to address is one of the first things you may notice. We have replaced the Freedom tower with a complete and accurate recreation of the Original World Trade Center Complex. We want to emphasize that this is not done being tasteless or to be disrespectful. This is in honor of the many many victims of the September 11th Attacks, the 1993 bombings, and the people who are continuing to be lost because of 9/11 related illnesses. We wanted to make the World Trade Center as a memorial and to put them back where they have always belonged, in the NY Skyline. If anyone has an issue with this or feels like it is beyond disrespectful, please contact us. No emergencies whatsoever will take place at the buildings. 
We have also added incredible looking night lights to many of the new buildings including the World Trade Center. Night lighting is now automatically turned on after 6PM game time until 6AM. 

We have also added an MDT Feature which allows you to view emergency call information, addresses, and the units assigned. We created it based on the actual MDTs that the FDNY use today. Eventually we will add more features such as buttons to acknowledge a run or put yourself in service. 

One of the main things you will notice in this update is the improvement in Performance. We added the settings menu back in game which can be opened in the action bar on the top right. A new slider has been added call "Render Distance", with this new option, you can gain up to 30 frames by lowering it! By default it is all the way down. I am now getting around 120 FPS at start.

We also synced and networked police vehicle customization and light bars. We apologize for the issue with being unable to use NYPD Vehicles in the last update. 

Check out the full change log for more

Chang log 0.3.5

Added feature for night lights on buildings to automatically turn on and off depending on time of day

Fixed Single Player Emergencies not disappearing

Added MDT (Press F1) This gives you all the information on the emergency you are responding to

Added dozens of new buildings and landmarks including the Old World Trade Center Complex

Re added the Settings menu in game

Major Performance Improvements

Traffic AI now works and is synced for Multiplayer

Spawning Police Vehicles working again

Customization of PD Cars and Light bars (F2) are now synced in Multiplayer

Tiller Trailer now works again in Single Player

Ladder 75 Trailer Lights work again

Added Steam Validation to prevent pirating of game

Fixed Generator Sticking out of Ladder 75

Bug Report button fixed

Restart Scene button fixed in Single Player

Fixed sunken hydrants and Light poles along Lower Broadway

Added Render Distance to settings menu (Big performance improvement)

Fixed Purple NYPD Light bars

Mac Support for 0.3.5 coming soon

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Because of the mixed feelings on the map addition added an option in the settings menu to toggle the new or old World Trade Center complex. The freedom tower will be the default selection to give everyone the option they would like.

Change Log

Added New WTC Option
Added Plenty of New Emergencies
Added 60+ New Buildings to Lower East Side and Uptown
Added Spotlights to Street lights again with Option to disable for performance in Settings
Fixed Tiller Trailer Steering with X and C 
Tiller is a little faster now
Fixed MDT Messages not showing for some calls
Fixed Message Boards
Fixed Spawning Issue with NYPD and EMS in Single Player
Fixed Central Parks Physics Bug with vehicles falling through
Fixed the Manhole fire on 42nd and 5th
MDT Now automatically pops up when a new call comes in

0.3.7 To Do

Improve Multiplayer Traffic 
Add More Interiors to Firehouses
Add more Emergencies
More Map Work
Add Functional Buttons on MDT
Focus on Fixing all NYPD Bugs and Improving Handling and Vehicles
Add Return to Main Menu Buttons
Fix Bright Building Near Squad 28

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Changelog 0.3.7

Fixed Restart Scene Button (Also works in multiplayer)
When pressing Door Exit icon will pause game and prompt to return main menu or desktop
Pink Minimap Beacons for EMS
Blue Minimap Beacons for PD
Squad 28 doors and compartments work
Added several MDT Buttons
10-8: Clears whatever call is active
10-84: Forces a callout
Worked on PD Cars now all have brake lights and reverse lights
Improved functionality of PD Customization menu nZow is always in sync
Fixed see thru area on Engine 49's bumper
Added help menu in the main menu
Improved Help Menu button in game
Added return to main menu button
Reintegrated hide canvas (\) Key
Added buttons on side menu to clear all NYPD or all EMS vehicles spawned
Tweaked Smart Siren Automatic Tones, EQ2B, and PA300 Sirens
Facelift to Engine 30 and Ladder 75's Firehouse
Improvements to multiplayer performance and gameplay

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