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Have a game on Steam you want to buy but do not have the cash? Or just want some extra cash in that Steam Wallet? Want to help this community grow and meet people from all over the world? Well, this is for you then.


I will be running a challenge starting from today (4/8/18) that will run until the 8th of next month (5/8/18) rules are simple, refer people to the website, Have them comment here saying who referred them using @ and then your name on the website (Example: Referred by @TRUCKER™)


At the end of the time period I will go through all of the posts and tally everyone up and the person that refer the most people will get a $25 Steam card and the person with the second most will get a $10 steam card.


It's an easy task for some easy cash. Help us grow and let's make this community what we want it to be. I will be posting a lot more as we are continuing on accomplishing our goal of growing and making something of this. If you have any questions feel free to message me as all PM's will send an alert to my email. I look forward to seeing what we can do.

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